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Love & Location & A Dash of Angst

There are an infinite number of small inconsequential actions that lead to us falling in love with the significant other we have right now, but one huge factor (arguably the biggest) is where you live. Too numerous to count are the chances that we end up with the person we inevitably end up with. So, I guess my question for fate is, do we love this person more than we could really ever love someone else, or do we love them because they were accessible? It would be impossible to say really. I suppose to prove the theory, you’d have to have the capability to meet all 8 billion people on this earth to make it a fair judgement.

A lot of times, I see people grow up in a small town, fall in love in a small town, and then get married. It’s sort of archaic, to be entirely honest. Back before easy wide-spread travel and social media, you were solely at the mercy of location to find someone to love, but now that’s not actually the case. They took their pick out of the smallest pool of people and said okay, this one is good enough. Now, say that same person lived in NYC with 8.5 million people. Would those two still have fallen in love and settled down? Or would they have met someone who they preferred exponentially more? I am willing to bet that people who are entirely in love would be opponents of this idea. It’s not even realistic to say that you’d still find that same person and still fall in love and get married. I know people say it as a metaphor of sorts to exemplify their undeniable and infallible love, but that’s also a lie.

Love is always infallible, aggravated so by the fact that life gives you, at best, in a small town, roughly 200 people to choose to be recipients. In some ways, location mimics just a massive arranged marriage. You are given the illusion of a choice, but it’s not really. Now, I get that I sound bitter as fuck right now, but it is honestly so frustrating that there are so many people out there that could be better for you, but there is no way of knowing and no way of ever finding out. Life, man. It’s weird.

That being said, don’t get twisted up in knots over one human being in your small town. One human, who by chance, you happened to know only because your parents and their parents settled in the same place. There is no significance of that positioning, there is no grand divine plan or fate working its magic.

Humans change so much it’s a wonder that some root themselves so firmly where they were planted. Or, to continue the metaphor, allow the weeds that grow around them to ruin and stunt their growth. You weren’t planted in one spot. You were just born in a place and that place happens to be a town with people, who you are obligated to share nothing with, other than the fact that you were both born in the same vicinity.

Okay, enough of the deep shit. Basically, I suppose, whatever, dudes, I am preaching on the topic that’s been beaten to death time and time again, which is that everyone needs to leave their comfort zone, get out of the familiar, and just wander. Not too long ago, I had deluded myself into believing that where I am from was going to be an okay place to live. Sure, where you grew up is okay, but take full advantage of the age in which you live. You didn’t get the chance to be living in 2017, to stay perennially in your tiny bit of the world with the tiny bit of the human race that it contains. Your geographical confines really aren’t confines at all. They are a starting point. So go.